by At Our Expense

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Thank you to everyone involved in making this EP happen. We worked hard on this and also appreciate the work that was put in by others helping us out. Special thanks to Zach Tuch. This project would not sound anything like it does without you!


released February 23, 2015

Engineered and mixed by Zach Tuch
Recorded at TouchMyTuch Studios
Produced by At Our Expense & Zach Tuch
Mastered by Dan Braunstein at DB Music Studios
Art Work by Gabe Mugalian



all rights reserved


At Our Expense California

San Fernando Valley Pop Punk/Post Hardcore or whatever you'd like to call us.

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Track Name: The Fear Of Ending Up Alone
Truth be told, I am afraid of growing old.
I just fear of ending up alone. These things control my life.
I'm letting go of everything I used to know, but I have fallen far below. I'm losing the will to climb.

I don't know who I am anymore. I've forgotten where I came from before and now I'm face down on the floor. I take a breath and hope that I feel no more

Night after night I trade my sleep for thoughts of who I'll never be. I'm losing everything.
Because I can't control the time that's passing. Every second has me face who I'm meant to be.

Fuck it, I'll say it, I tried to be patient, but no one can save it.
I'm crossing my fingers for someone to linger

I keep running circles in my head. My thoughts are turning. My thoughts are turning on me.

I'm losing everything.

I'm running out of time.
Track Name: Long Lost
It's not what you promised. It's not what you said.

You led me to believe this was all in my head. These wounds are cutting deep into my skin.

I keep looking at the clothes you left hanging in my closet so I won't forget the outline of your body or forget the scent of your perfume. Loneliness seeps through my head flooding with thoughts of you.

I find it harder than before to let you go. I keep myself enclosed because it's all I know.

Say something, I'm listening. Tell me it's all in my head.

Are we long lost. Or are we too far gone? Give me a set of the reasons why you never called. Deep down we both know this all falls on me. This all falls on me again. These wounds cut fucking deep.

It's not what you promised. It's not what you said.
Track Name: Awake
Under the surface I am alone. I am alone. I can't seem to help myself or anybody else. I just want to disappear until conscience is clear.

Back in my youth I lost the way, now I'm trying to retrace the footsteps I made right before I strayed.
Maybe it's worth it how far I strayed. Maybe I'll find the answers along the way that I came.

I haven't seen the light in days. It's blinding me, at least I know I'm awake. It won't be long until I find a way. I'll find a way.

Under the surface I am alive. I am alive. I've made mistakes that I can't change, but I've got more heart. I've got more strength. Now I'm awake. Not afraid to trust in myself.

I feel it growing. I know you'll feel it too.

I'm sick of second guessing over and over. I need to learn to trust myself.