I'm The One Who Changed

by At Our Expense

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released July 29, 2014

Recorded by Frankie Siragusa at The Lab Studios in Van Nuys, CA
All songs written by At Our Expense
All songs produced by At Our Expense and Frankie Siragusa
Album Artwork by James Livitski



all rights reserved


At Our Expense California

San Fernando Valley Pop Punk/Post Hardcore or whatever you'd like to call us.

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Track Name: The Walls Around Me
The walls around me stand tall
No breaks
I know what’s out there but there’s no escape
How long will it be? White flags admit defeat
My will has been dismembered
I’ve been dismembered

My head is spinning
And I can’t fucking think
I’m pacing back and forth
Wondering why you did this to me
I grew up with common sense
And self-resent
I gave more but I gained much less
Tearing myself to shreds again
Self-loathing isn’t time well spent
Give me the time to mend
I need some time to mend

Sever the ties and don’t look back
Burn down the bridge that closed this gap
Followed your footsteps here
Followed and lost four years

The walls around me
Are built of stone
I’m trapped inside them
Forever alone
I’ll fall on my sword
And admit
That I have to let go

My eyes are getting so sore
From all the sleep I long for
This distance slowly eats away my patience
(You’re the bane
Of my existence)
The loss is keeping me awake
You’re scent is in my bed
The years you stole
Takes its toll
And I can’t pretend

The walls around me
Are built of stone
I’m trapped inside them
Forever alone
I’ll fall on my sword
And admit
That I have to let go
Track Name: Embers
You’re looking in the mirror
And you can only see
The person you hate the most
Starring back in defeat
You’re feeling all alone
When you just want to feel at home

Keep your head when you’re lost
In time you’ll find the place where you belong
Ignite the fire deep inside
Shine on shine on
Don’t be afraid to live

Lift your hands to the sky
Let go don’t think twice
This is the point
Where you have to believe
Or move on

Let it take you to where its meant to
Stand up and show no fear
It’s been waiting all your life
Stand up and show you have no fear

Letting go as life moves on
Is part of our youth and
Growing old with no regrets
Is something we can choose

Even though you’re ahead
There still a chance you could fall off
Because we’re all so flawed
We’re seeking out the difference
Rebuilding what you’re born with
To live like you did before
Take back the place that was yours
Track Name: In The Heart Of August
The part that haunts me most of all
I never made amends
I wish I would have swallowed my pride
Before you took your last breath
Now I’m weighed down by this heart of stone
That’s filled with my regret

I never had the chance to say goodbye
Don’t forget about me
Don’t forget about the strength in you
That gave the strength to me

Father are you still here?
Did your soul part with the flesh and bones?
I trust that you comfort your daughter
And the widow you left
Devastated and alone

I hear you loud and clear
I hear you

I am trying my damn hardest
To make my peace and sail away
So I won’t ever have to
Dwell on this again

I know you’re out there
I can hear you loud and clear now

I know you’re out there
Track Name: Believe Nothing You Hear And Only Half Of What You See
My friends
You haven’t seen
I’ve shed blood
And given everything
My motives hold so much more meaning

It’s been a long road getting here
Through all the battles we’ve dealt with this year
Traitors will conceal their knives
A clear line shows who’s on my side.

If I could replace mistakes
I’d have better friends than this

You won’t stop my path
You don’t know
All the things
I’ve seen
You won’t believe
I’m still breathing

Fuels your bliss
When you’re convinced
By what does not exist

I’m still breathing
Track Name: In Dilation
You’re under the pressure
Of now and forever
Swallowed your regrets
In the form of capsules and chemicals
Close your eyes and breathe
Envision silence through calm seas
But as you opened them your stomach heaves
(Your stomach heaves)
Its twisting, its turning
Your insides are burning

This is not
Who you thought
You’d be
It’s the first stage
Of losing yourself

Swallowed by
The quicksand
No escape.

You lost control
Now that you’re living to forget
So why won’t you listen
You lost control
Now that you lost your self respect

But you won’t admit it
You feel alive
And it’s just begun
It feels like home
As it slips past your tongue
Past your tongue

Enter bliss

You tell yourself that you’ll be just fine
You take more than you need
So you’ll feel satisfied
You won’t ever find
The peace of mind